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Product Update access License validity Price
with © branding ?
1 Year * Unlimited 99,00 €
without © branding ?
1 Year * Unlimited 169,00 €
PremiumAccount-Plugin Unlimited Unlimited 39,00 €
Fax-Plugin Unlimited Unlimited 39,00 €
b1gMailServer Professional Unlimited Unlimited 49,00 €
b1gMail © branding removal 70,00 €
Extend update access by one year 19,00 €

All prices include 19% VAT. We do not charge VAT for orders from outside Germany with a valid VAT No or from outside of the EU. (VAT will be deducted during the order process.)

Non-profit organizations: Please contact us for special offers.

(*) You get 1 year of free access to b1gMail software updates. Access to patches and security updates using the update wizard is valid for unlimited time.


Risk-free shopping

Buying b1gMail is completely risk-free. In case b1gMail should not be compatible with your webspace or you are not 100% satisfied with b1gMail, we offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee. Simply send us a short message and we will be happy to cancel your order and refund your money. No questions asked.


Order process

You can order b1gMail in our online shop and pay using a supported payment method (see below). After receiving your payment, we will activate your order as soon as possible (within one working day, usually in a few minutes) and you will get your login details to our cusotmer portal. There, you can download the ordered products and find licensing information.


Payment methods

In our shop, you can pay using the following payment methods:
  • PayPal

    You can pay via PayPal. Since PayPal immediately confirms the payment in most cases, we can quickly activate your order.
  • Online wire transfer using sofortü

    We support payments using the instantly confirmed wire transfer method of sofortü (only for supported countries).
  • Wire transfer

    You can also pay using wire transfer to our bank account. (This may take a few days to process depending on the speed of your bank.)


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