Here you can find the b1gMail licensing agreement.

§ 1 Using this product is subject to the following licensing terms. Violation of one or more of these terms is forbidden and will be persecuted by the vendor. The vendor may revoke the license in case of violations without refunding any purchase price or licensing fees.

§ 2 In case you do not own a license without copyright remark, you may not remove or alter the copyright remark displayed at the bottom of every generated page. The copyright remark must remain clearly visible.

§ 3 A license is valid for one parallel installation of this product; namely for the installation which is accessible at the domain entered in the customer center (if applicable). If you would like to install b1gMail again, you have to remove any prior installations associated witht his license first. You need a seperate license for each concurrent installation. If you own a license without copyright remark, the remark may only be removed or altered for this license - other licenses are not affected.

§ 4 You are not allowed to create or distribute illegal copies of this product, neither in unmodified nor in modified form, in any case.

§ 5 As the owner of a license of this product you are authorized to modify this product at your own risk. Nevertheless distributon of the modified product is forbidden (see § 4). If you would like to distribute modifications, you are only authorized to do so if you do not distribute parts of this product, neither texts, pictures, code nor other parts along with it.

§ 6 Use of this product occurs exclusively at the license owner's risk. The vendor is not liable for claims resulting from the use of this product, except in case of intent or gross negligence. The vendor does not guarantee for the usability of this product for a certain intended use. Any receivables in case of dispute are limited to the purchase price of the license.

§ 7 The vendor is in no way liable or responsible for any data generated, composed, acquired, distributed, exchanged (etc.) using this product. The vendor is not liable for the operation of accounts created or managed using this product and cannot access these.

§ 8 This product contains an automated updating mechanism, which is able to download and install updates and patches for this product by contacting an internet update server. While querying the server, the license is verified by transfering the license and serial number to the server. In no case istallation of updates occurs entirely automatically but only after confirmation by the user.

§ 9 If any term of this license agreement proves to be effectless or void by law, the validity of the remaining terms is not affected. The fully or partly effectless or void term should be replaced by a term which approaches the effectless or void term as close as possible.