Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What are the system requirements for b1gMail?

In order to run b1gMail, your webspace will have to fulfill the following system requirements:

  • PHP 5.2.0 or newer
  • At least 20 MB free web space
  • MySQL database (MySQL 4.1 or newer) mit at least 30 MB free space
  • One POP3 account
  • Domain with CatchAll email feature (also known as "Default address")

You can use our server test tool to check your webspace for compatibility with b1gMail.

Wir empfehlen bei dedizierten Servern Linux bzw. Unix als Betriebssystem und Apache als Webserver-Software.

Do I need an own dedicated root server?

No. b1gMail is, in contrast to many other webmail solutions, usable without the need of an own dedicated root server.

Ein eigener Root-Server wird nur dann benötigt, wenn Sie Ihren Benutzern neben dem Zugriff per Web-Interface auch Zugriff per POP3/IMAP/SMTP anbieten möchten.

Does b1gMail work with enabled PHP safe mode?

Yes. During development, we pay attention to the restrictions of PHP's safe mode. b1gMail will work with both enabled and disabled safe mode.

How many users / emails can be managed with b1gMail?

b1gMail does not limit the count of users or emails. The maximum amount of users and emails solely depends on your server / web space. Please take into account that you should have enough web space to store the data of your users. (But in practice, most users do not use 100% of their available email space.)

For how many domains/installations can I use one b1gMail license?

One b1gMail license is valid for one installation of b1gMail with any number of entered domains. (b1gMail is multi-domain capable.) Of course you can re-install b1gMail as often as you like, provided that you remove all old installations first.

Do I get support?

We offer free email support within at least 90 days after purchase. We also offer a free support forum where you can discuss about problems and questions with other b1gMail customers.

Do I need the b1gMailServer AddOn in order to use b1gMail?

No. b1gMailServer will just be required in case you want to offer POP3, SMTP and/or IMAP access to your users (besides the web interface).

Where does b1gMail store received emails?

b1gMail stores the emails of your users on your web space and simultaneously maintains an index with email meta data in the MySQL database. This way, b1gMail combines the advantages of file system and database storage and can handle even large numbers of emails efficiently.

Can/may I modify the source code of b1gMail?

Yes. b1gMail comes with its complete, unencrypted and unobfuscated PHP source code. You may customize the source code according to your needs. Please note that we cannot provide support for modified source codes. Please also pay attention to our licensing agreement.

Can I try b1gMail on my own server?

It is generally hard to provide downloadable trial versions of PHP software. Because PHP files are uncompiled and unencrypted, any trial limitations could be removed easily and in no time.

Some vendors of PHP software use encryption tools like Zend Encoder or ionCube Encoder to provide an encrypted trial version.

These encryption techniques usually come with a lot of restrictions for the user. They have special system requirements, require the installation of loader modules and, in our experience, cause lots of trouble for many users. Because of these reasons, we decided against providing a downloadable, encrypted trial version.

Nevertheless, you can try b1gMail prior to buying it. We offer you a free, private b1gMail test installation hosted on our servers which includes access to both the user and administration area. This way, you can try b1gMail without struggling with encryption loaders. (Of course, the full version of b1gMail is not encrypted!)

Try b1gMail

We are aware of the fact that you cannot verify that b1gMail is compatible with your webspace this way. That's why we offer a free server test tool which checks your webspace/server for compatibility. We also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee in case b1gMail does not work on your webspace/server.

How does the order process work?

After placing your b1gMail order, you will get an email containing your invoice in a few seconds. In your invoice, you can find the order amount, order number and payment details. After we received your payment, we will activate your customer account and email you your login details. This usually takes between a few minutes up to one working day.

How long is a b1gMail license valid? Can a license expire?

b1gMail licenses are generally valid for an unlimited time and do not epxire. You will have to pay for the license only once.

Access to new product updates containing new features is free for one year after purchase. In case you want to download product updates afterwards, you can extend your update access time by one year for a small amount (19,00 EUR including VAT).

In case you do not extend your update access time, you can of course continue to use b1gMail without any restrictions. If you want to upgrade to a new version at a later time, you can simply extend the update access time at any time.

How does b1gMail receive emails?

Depending on your server/webspace configuration, you can use one of the following receiving methods.

When having an own dedicated root server

In case you have an own dedicated root server, you can use b1gMail's own email server b1gMailServer to operate b1gMail in stand-alone mode without having to install a third-party mail server. b1gMailServer accepts emails at port 25 and delivers them to the b1gMail accounts of your users.

In case you are using the Postfix mail server and do not want to use b1gMailServer, you can set up an interface between Postfix and b1gMail (using transport maps).

With shared webspace / without own dedicated root server

If you do not have an own root server, i.e. you are using b1gMail on shared webspace, you can use the CatchAll / default address feature of your domain. When enabling this feature, all emails to your domain will be delivered to a shared POP3 account.
b1gMail connects to this POP3 account in regular intervals, fetches all the emails contained in it and distributes them to the b1gMail accounts of your users.

Further methos

b1gMail comes with an optimized interface for the cPanel control panel software. In case your webspace is administrated using cPanel, you can use this method to connect b1gMail to cPanel-managed domains efficiently.