Email management made easy


With b1gMail's modern user interface, you master your inbox easily.

Thanks to convenient features like Drag & Drop email movement, integrated email preview and a reasoned interface structure, you and your users will get used to b1gMail in no time.

With sophisticated email sorting, filtering and flagging features — e.g. colors, 'Done' flag and per-email notes — you never lose track of your daily email communication.

b1gMail comes with a useful WYSIWYG email editor. Attachments can be easily added to emails by simply dragging them from the Explorer/Finder into the browser window.

Filter system

Smart folders and filters

Using b1gMail's smart folders feature ("Search folders") long searches for emails belong to the past.

Smart folders always automatically contain all emails which match certain, user-defined criteria. You can create folders which automatically contain all un-answered mails, which have high priority, are unread or origin from a certain sender, for example. The criteria can be flexibly defined by yourself!

b1gMail also contains a powerful filtering system which can trigger user-defined actions when an email which matches certain criteria is received. This way you can create filter rules which automatically respond to an email, which notify you about certain emails by SMS, move certain emails to a defined folder or set email flags.

Anti spam settings

Spam and virus protection

b1gMail protects you and your users from unsolicited and malicious emails.

For spam protection, different filter techniques are included. Mails can be filtered using DNSBL blacklists and additionally be statistically analyzed by their content using the included Bayesian spam filter. This filter can be trained by the user and thus adapts to new types of spam emails quickly.

To protect your users from viruses, trojan horses and malware, b1gMail contains an interface to the free open-source antivirus software ClamAV which can be used to scan incoming emails for threats.


Secure communication

b1gMail supports the S/MIME standard for email encryption and signing. S/MIME is popular especially in business communication.

Signing emails allows for verification of the sender's identity. Encryption protects your emails from eavesdropping by third parties.

b1gMail can decrypt incoming emails, verify signatures, encrypt outgoing emails, manage certificates in the user's personal keychain, import and issue certificates, manage root certificates and more.

All S/MIME features are seamlessly integrated into the user interface.



With b1gMail's integrated organizer you can easily manage your appointments and contacts.

The calendar provides a clear overview of your appointments. You can chose and switch between day, week and year view. Features include repeating events, appointment reminders by email/SMS, appointment groups and attendee management.

Address book

Address book

The address book allows you to manage your contacts from within b1gMail. You can store many contact details including address, birth date, notes, photo and more. Import and export of contacts and many other convenient features are included.

You don't have all details of your contacts at your fingertips? Simply send them an invitation by email and they can complete their address book entry themselves using b1gMail's self-complete feature.

Tasks management

Tasks and notes management

The task management feature helps you to keep track of your todo lists and allows you to store any data which can be organized in lists, e.g. shopping lists.

You can manage multiple lists, create new entries simply by typing and move entries to other lists easily by Drag & Drop.

b1gMail also contains a notes management function to store, view and manage arbitrary text notes.


Cloud drive for your users

Webdisk is the online cloud drive for your users.

Using Webdisk, you and your users can store and manage files and folders and access them from anywhere in the world. New files can be easily dragged from the Explorer/Finder into the Webdisk and be organized in an arbitrary number of folders and sub-folders.

Individual folders can be shared for visitors. Multiple folders and folders can be downloaded as a ZIP archive. Uploaded ZIP files can be easily extracted online using the Webdisk's integrated ZIP tool.

Using the b1gMail Toolbox, the b1gMail desktop client, the contents of your cloud drive can be synchronized with your local hard disk. (You can find more information on the b1gMail Toolbox below.)

Of course, you as the service's administrator can selective enable/disable Webdisk features and limit storage space and traffic usage.

SMS compose form

SMS and Mail to SMS

Using b1gMail's integrated SMS features, you can compose and send SMS text messages directly from within your b1gMail account. Sent messages can be archived in the SMS outbox.

The SMS features are tightly integrated into b1gMail and can also be used to send automatic notifications about incoming emails or appointment reminders. This can be combined with the filter rule system which allows you to create rules which only notify you about incoming emails which match certain criteria (e.g. which are from a particular sender and have a certain subject).

You can either offer SMS features to your users for free or you can charge for these features using the integrated payment interface. Users can charge their accounts e.g. using PayPal.

b1gMail supports most SMS gateways which are accessible using HTTP-GET requests. Supported gateways include SMSKaufen and Mobilant.


Customizable start page

Your users can individually customize their b1gMail account's start pages according to their personal preferences.

Your users can chose from different widgets, e.g. calendar, notes, space usage, email info and more, and arrange them by Drag & Drop to create their personal dashboards.

Desktop client software

Desktop client included

To integrate their b1gMail accounts into the desktop of your users, b1gMail includes the b1gMail Toolbox, a custom desktop client utility.

The Toolbox contains useful features like notifcation about incoming emails, a SMS client and the possibility to synchronize the cloud drive (Webdisk) with a local folder.

In conjunction with the Fax plugin, the Toolbox even provides a virtual Fax printer which allows you to send Faxes from within every Windows application which supports printing.

You can customize the branding of the Toolbox according to your own corporate identity. This way you can change things like the name of the application, its logo and the visual appearance easily from within b1gMails administration control panel.

Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Mobile user interface

Optimized for smartphones

Besides the comprehensive desktop web interface, b1gMail also includes an interface which is optimized for mobile devices like smartphones.

The mobile user interface is compatible with modern smartphones (e.g. iOS and Android) and allows easy access to folders, emails, appointments, tasks, cloud drive files and more. Easily send emails on the go, upload photos to your cloud drive and manage your todo list.

Thanks to the use of modern web technologies and by using an intuitive interface and transitions, the mobile interface almost looks and feels just like a native Smartphone app.

This way you and your users always have all important information at your fingertips.

Easily extensible

b1gMail has a plugin interface which allowes developers to easily extend b1gMail by new functions without having to alter the original source code. Plugins can be installed with a few clicks from within the administration panel and do not get overwritten or lost when installing b1gMail product updates.

At our addon market place, many addons made by our customers are available, of which many are available free of charge. Using plugins, you can quickly and easily enhance, customize and personalize your own b1gMail-based email service.

In case you are a developer and want to create plugins yourself, you can download the plugin SDK from the customer portal. If you like, you can publish your addons at and share them with other b1gMail users.

You can find the features of the administration control panel (ACP) on the next page.