The email server tailored to b1gMail

Use b1gMail to unleash the full potential of your b1gMail-based email portal! b1gMailServer is a custom-made email server which has been optimized for use with b1gMail.

b1gMailServer contains POP3, IMAP and SMTP services which allow your users to access their email accounts with almost any email client application available. At the same time, the built-in SMTP server can be used as an MX server for your service which has been specifically optimized for b1gMail.

With modern features like IMAP push, support of the Sender Policy Framework (SPF), grey listing, AutoDiscover and AutoConfig, TLS encryption and more, your email system is well prepared for the future.

b1gMail account in Thunderbird

POP3, IMAP and SMTP access

With POP3, IMAP and SMTP access, you enable your users to synchronize their email accounts with almost any email client and mobile device available, including smartphones and tablets.

When using the IMAP protocol, all emails and the complete folder hierarchy of the account can be synchronized with the email client. Besides that, the email account can be synchronized among multiple devices, e.g. the user's desktop PC, notebook, smartphone and tablet. b1gMailServer's IMAP service supports IMAP push. Using IMAP push, smartphones can immediately notify the user once a new email arrives.

POP3, IMAP and SMTP access can be individually enabled or disabled for certain b1gMail user groups within the b1gMail ACP. This way, you can, for example, limit IMAP access to certain groups (e.g. active subscribers) only.


AutoDiscover and AutoConfig

Thanks to integrated support for the AutoDiscover and AutoConfig protocols, configuring an email account is easy and does not require the knowledge of technical details like ports or server names.

In Outlook and Thunderbird, users can configure their accounts just by entering the email address and password. The email client then queries all the technical details required for setup directly from b1gMailServer.

b1gMailServer administration

Seamless integration with b1gMail

b1gMailServer can be administrated using a web-based frontend which is fully integrated into b1gMail's administration control panel.

The admin interface provides multitudinous configuration parameters to adapt b1gMailServer to your individual needs. With the built-in statistics and logs, you never lose track of the server's activity and important events.

b1gMailServer adds new parameters to the user group editor. For every user group, you can configure individual send frequency limits and permissions.


  • Provide POP3 access for your users
    • Your users can retrieve and manage their mail with any email client program (e.g. Outlook, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and Evolution)
    • You can allow POP3 access to all your users or to certain user groups only
    • Folders to be included can be configured individually
    • TLS encryption supported
  • Provie IMAP access for your users (*)
    • Your users can manage and synchronize their emails with every IMAP compliant email client
    • Thanks to the concept of the IMAP protocol, multiple devices can be synchronized with the same email account — e.g. laptops, desktop PCs, smartphones and tablets
    • Full email synchronization with b1gMail (includes folder structure, email flags like unread/answered/forwarded and more)
    • Permission to use IMAP access can be granted to every user or to specific user groups only
    • TLS encryption supported
    • Supports the QUOTA and IDLE extensions (IMAP push)
  • Integrated SMTP server (including submission)
    • Your users can send emails over SMTP using any email client
    • Supports SMTP authentication
    • Can act as MX server to accept and process incoming emails for your domains
    • Delivers outbound emails using an integrated delivery mechanism or can, alternatively, forward outgoing mails to a relay server
    • Anti spam measures like DNSBL integration to lock out dialup hosts, greylisting, IP subnet classification, SMTP greeting delay and flow control, HELO hostname checke and more
    • Supports the sender policy framework (SPF) to detect forged email return addresses (if supported by the sender domain)
    • Can append signatures/disclaimers to outgoing emails
    • Seamless integration with b1gMail including enforcement of restrictions and limits configured in the b1gMail user group system
    • Optimized email queue system with convenient administration features
    • TLS encryption supported
  • Individually configurable permissions
    • You decide which user groups may use the individual features (POP3, IMAP, SMTP)
    • Configurable limitations (e.g. maximum email sending frequency and POP3 access frequency)
    • In conjunction with the PremiumAccount plugin, you can, for example, decide to offer features like POP3/SMTP/IMAP to paying customers only
  • Statistics (*)
    • View statistics of POP3, IMAP and SMTP sessions and traffic generated by the individual services
  • Easy administration
    • Integrates with b1gMail's administration control panel (ACP)
    • Well-arranged, easy to use administration interface
  • Available for Linux as 32 bit and 64 bit version and for Windows Server (2003 or newer) as 32 bit version
  • Guided graphical installation process
  • Detailed documentation

(*) Only available in the Professional edition.


The Standard edition of b1gMailServer is included when buying a b1gMail license. You can upgrade to the Professional version, which contains an extended feature set, at any time.

  b1gMailServer Standard b1gMailServer Professional
POP3 server Yes Yes
SMTP server Yes Yes
IMAP server No Yes
Session statistics No Yes
Traffic statistics No Yes
Price Free
included with every b1gMail license
49,00 €
incl. unlimited update access

All prices contain 19% VAT.

System requirements

As fully-featured email server solution, b1gMailServer — in contrast to b1gMail — requires a dedicated server with root / administrator access.

  • Dedicated Linux (v)Server (x86 or x86_64) with root access
    or dedicated Windows server (Windows Server 2003 or newer) with administrator access
  • Linux: Current Linux distribution / glibc library and installed xinetd package
    Windows: .NET-Framework version 2.0 or newer
  • b1gMail Version 7.2 or newer for b1gMailServer 2.6/2.7
    or b1gMail Version 7.0.0-PL2 or newer for b1gMailServer 2.3
Basic server administration skills are recommended for installation.