Send faxes using b1gMail

Fax editor

The Fax plugin extends your b1gMail-based email service by fax sending features. Your users can compose faxes using a convenient fax editor and directly send them to fax machines.

Faxes can be composed from cover sheets, multiple text blocks with different formatting and PDF attachments. The plugin supports many fax gateway providers which provide a HTTP POST or email interface, e.g. SMSKaufen, XaraNet and CompuTron GNetX.

The plugin is based on b1gMail's plugin interface and can be installed quickly and easily.


  • Powerful, convenient fax editor for your users
    • Faxes can be composed using an unlimited count of blocks
    • Every block can be formatted individually (font type, font size, font style and alignment)
    • Cover sheet generator with support for sender and recipient fields, date, page count, subject and comments
    • PDF files can be attached
    • Preview can be viewed as PDF file prior to sending the fax
    • Price calculation
    • Your users pay for faxes using their b1gMail credit account
    • Sent faxes can be saved to the Webdisk as PDF files
  • Detailed fax journal
    • Shows all sent faxes with information about page count, status, date, sender and recipient
    • Direct links to download the fax from the webdisk as PDF file
  • Configurable permissions
    • You can enable the fax feature for certain user groups only
    • You can chose whether you users may use an own sender no/name or have to use a fixed sender name specified by you
    • You can chose whether users may attach PDF files or not
  • Price calulcation based on area code
    • Add individual prices depending on the area code of the country or city
    • Disallow sending to certain area codes or special rate numbers
  • Comprehensive signature system
    • Advertise in sent faxes by adding signatures
    • Signatures can be formatted individually and can be placed on outgoing documents in versatile styles and positions
    • Signatures can be associated with user groups
    • Multiple signatures can be added from which a random one is used when a fax is sent
    • Signature usage counter
  • Flexible gateway editor
    • Includes an easified mode for certain gateways (SMSKaufen, XaraNet, CompuTron GNetX)
    • Incudes an advanced mode for integration of almost any email (mail to fax) or HTTP POST based gateway
  • Transfer status determination
    • Fax transfer status is shown in the fax fournal
    • Refunding of charged credits in case of failed fax transmission (can be disabled)
  • Statistics
    • View your user's activity and your revenues / refunds
  • Quick and easy installation
    • The plugin can be installed using the Administration Control Panel of b1gMail with just a few clicks (after a necessary external library has been uploaded via FTP)
    • Delivered as .bmplugin package
  • Detailed documentation

System requirements

The Fax plugin is a b1gMail plugin which does not have dedicated system requirements. If your webspace/server is compatible with b1gMail, the Fax plugin can be used, too.

In order to send faxes, you will need an account at a supported Fax gateway. You can also use gateways that are not supported out-of-the-box provided that they offer a email (mail to fax) or HTTP POST interface.

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