PremiumAccount order form

Subscriptions for your email service

The PremiumAccount plugin is an extension for b1gMail which allows you to offer subscription plans for your email service. You can offer account feature upgrades for a one-time or a recurring fee. Payment interval and price can be flexibly configured.

The addon contains automated payment interfaces to PayPal, Skrill (former Moneybookers) and sofortü and allows manual payments via wire transfer or custom payment methods. The plugin can automatically generate invoices based on a customizable template.

The user area displays the subscription plans created by you in a clearly arranged manner and offers your users the ability to manage their orders.

The PremiumAccount plugin is based on the b1gMail plugin interface and can be installed in no time with just a few clicks.

Subscription plan administration

Subscription plan configuration

The PremiumAccount plugin is based on b1gMail's user group system. Using the plugin, you can create subscription plans. For the time of the subscription, the particular user will be moved to a definable user group which offers better features or more storage space.

Depending on the current subscription plan, a different screen design (template) can be presented to the user. Advertisements can be disabled for active customers.

When creating subscription plans, you can flexibly configure them: You can specify both the price and the payment interval. You can also pre-define possible subscription durations. To define the feature benefits of the plan, you simply use b1gMail's extensive user group system.

The plugin can automatically send expiration announcements to users with expiring subscriptions. In case a user does not extend his subscription, the plugin executes a configurable fall-back action — e.g. disable the user account or move it to a different user group.


  • Automatic order handling and subscription management
    • Offer paid email hosting plan upgrades to your users
    • Automatic order processing and invoice creation
  • Order form at signup
    • The PremiumAccount plugin's order form can be displayed directly in the b1gMail signup process
    • You can offer a free plan or make your whole mail service a paid service
  • Based on b1gMail's user group system
    • Specifiy the services and features of your email hosting plans in b1gMail's group editor and use the PremiumAccount plugin to offer them to your users
    • Your users can view and compare your hosting plans and subscribe to them to the price defined by you
    • You can add as many hosting plans as you like with different features and services (e.g. email and webdisk space, HTTPMail/POP3/IMAP access, advertisements, webdisk traffic and webdisk share and much more)
  • One-time or recurring payments
    • You can create plans with one-time fee or recurring fees (subscriptions)
    • Payment interval is configurable (e.g. every month, every 3 month or every year)
  • Different payment methods
    • PayPal
    • Skrill (former Moneybookers)
    • Wire transfer
    • sofortü
    • Custom payment methods can be created
  • Invoice generation
    • The plugin can automatically create invoices for every order
    • Fully customizable invoice template
    • Customer no and invoice no scheme customizable
  • VAT support
    • You can decide if the plugin should add VAT to your orders or no VAT shall be charged
  • Expiration announcement
    • The PremiumAccount plugin can notify your users when their subscription is about to expire so they can renew it betimes
  • Very easy, quick installation
    • The plugin can be installed using the Administration Control Panel of b1gMail with just a few clicks
    • Delivered as .bmplugin package
  • Detailed documentation

System requirements

The PremiumAccount plugin is a b1gMail plugin which does not have dedicated system requirements. If your webspace/server is compatible with b1gMail, the PremiumAccount plugin can be used, too.

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